On Valentine’s Day, Eric Harsh hopped on the mic for a chat with Amplifier host Blake J. Graham.

The two discussed hosting a séance, coveting beautiful objects, singing “Rude” by MAGIC! off rooftops, being an honest monster, ascending to Instagram fame, and gobbling the greatest slop around: Skyline Chili.

Before every episode, each guest is asked to share an album that’s personally significant. Eric picked Safiyya’s Shareek Hayaat. This is what the creators have to say about the album…

The important thing to keep in mind is that there is some kind of black rite happening in the deepest part of the woods (or the desert), and Murano and Rose are the ones in charge of setting the mood and deranging the senses…. This is how you conjure the spirits and direct them through sound; this here indeterminate musical object is the real deal.

Let’s say Music is a walled country and Noise is the barbarous wasteland where cartographers fear to tread. In between, there’s a wild and dark forest, a forest of terror and wonder: that’s Safiyya, that’s Shareek Hayaat. You can picture it as a shape-shifting image of the forest as a supernatural bug, doodled on a drawing board with the alchemy of musical and non-musical instruments.

In the episode, Eric describes how he gathered his friends, dimmed the lights, lit some candles, made an alter, and listened to this album.

Rick drank the rocks and ascended to Instagram fame

Rick drank the rocks and ascended to Instagram fame

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